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Amy Winehouse Rehab (acoustic) with added bass play along

Rehab was the lead single from the 2006 album “Back To Black

I wanted to do a bass play along. I only know a few songs on bass and this is one of them. There are a few play along videos out that use the official track so to make this a bit different I decided to try and add bass to this acoustic version.

General notes: I used a pick because its easier to play this with a pick (for me). That may make the sound of the bass a bit harsh at points but I worked with the compressor in Logic to try and level things out a bit.

Setup and recodring

To grab the video I used the screen recording feature of QuickTime Player and cropped it to surround the video box.

Audio came with the video but I wanted to import the audio into Logic in order to play along with track, I also wanted to be able to work with the audio within logic so I decided to play the song through my monitors and have my mic record that into Logic.

rehab recording setup

rehab logic screen

Once I had the video and the audio, I was able to setup my cameras and record. I went directly into my computer through my USB interface.

I’m playing an electric bass even though there is an acoustic guitar I am matching up with. The reason is simple, I don’t have an acoustic bass.

A few firsts here

  • bass song play long
  • multicam recording
  • using Final Cut Pro
  • working with the logic compressor (by working I mean I turned the knobs a bit until it sounded a bit “better”)

equipment list:

Squire Jazz bass (Amazon Canada: (Amazon US:

Blue yeti usb mic (Amazon Canada: (Amazon US:

Logic Pro X
Camera: iPhone 11
Camera 2: iPad mini gen 2
Editing: Final Cut Pro

See the original video: