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The Strokes | Last Night | Drum and bass play along

The Strokes, Last Night. The second single off of their 2001 debut album “Is This it”. Released November 5, 2001 “Last Night

This was my first bass play along was this acoustic play along of “Amy Winehouse’s Rehab”. With that done, I watned to move on to adding drums. This was my first attempt at playing and recording drums live to a track.

The drum set I am using is a custom electronic set I bought about a year ago (from the publication of this post). The module is an Alesis Strike Pro. I have had this module for a few months and while there are around 130+ kits, and all kinds of possibilities to create your own kits, I typically the first kit, which is a kit called “Big Bird Kit”.

drum set

One of the features of the Alesis Strike module is that it has individual outputs so you can have separate outputs going into your DAW. I actaully go from the module, into a Focusrite 18i20 Second Generation (pictured below: front view is the top image, back view is the bottom image - images and amazon links at the bottom of the page).

This setup gives you individual channels in your daw and you can edit each drum individually making it as if you were recording an acoustic drum kit with individual mics.

last night logic

As far as mixing the drums, I just watched a few videos on mixing drums in Logic, and copied a lot of what they were doing. Never doing this before it seems everyone does similar things. They add compression, set some EQ, and pan the mix. Panning the mix meaning setting each drum to come out of either the left speaker or right speaker depending on how you are looking at the kit. For example, if you pan the kit from the perspective of the player, the hi hat is on the left (mostly), which would mean to pan the hi hat slightly to the left. The ride cymbal is usually on the right, so it would meaning panning it to the right. You can also do this from the perspective of the listener where you would just flip all of the settings from the players perspective.

The bass was simply plugged directly into my audio interface and I used a build in plugin within logic, the 60’s combo stack. I didn’t do any adjustments after playing.

equipment list

Squire Jazz bass
(Amazon Canada:
(Amazon US:

Logic Pro X
Editing: Final Cut Pro

video recording

Bass: iPhone 11
Drums (main): iPhone 11
Kick Drum: iPad mini 2nd gen

focusrite amazon links

2nd Gen
Canada: (no longer available)
focusrite 18i20 2nd generation front
focusrite 18i20 2nd generation back

3rd generation
focusrite 18i20 3rd generation front
focusrite 18i20 3rd generation back