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The Persistence of Loss | nine inch nails cover

“Still” (Halo 17b) is a Nine inch nails release from 2002. It was the second disc of the “And all that could have been” (Halo 17a) live album from the 2000 Fragility tour. Still contains stripped down versions of previously released songs as well as original instrumentals.

Song 8 on Still is titled “The Persistence of Loss”. The song is driven by the piano and also has some other pieces including what sounds like an acoustic guitar, various strings, and possibly some samples.

How it was recorded:

All of the tracks use built in logic plugins

The main piano sound is the Boesendorfer Grand Piano. This is the main piece of the track. I played this to a guide (sort of). Once that was done, I duplicated the track once initially. I removed the high notes and only kept the low notes. I used that track to have the strings (Logic: Smart Strings). Once I had that track, I duplicated it two more times. One time I assigned the “Full Strings” plugin, and then found an “Indian Shehnai Oboe” and it sounded ok mixed in so I kept it.

If you listen to the orginal song, you hear some guitar tracks. I added not the exact sounds in the original but just started muting a chord, then playing another chord with a random note here and there to coinside with the high notes.

I split a few of the tracks up to make fading in and out a bit easier. Some of it is not very noticeable and I did it mostly just to mess around.

the persistence of loss logic screen

Full equipment list:

Keyboard: M-Audio Keystation 88 direct
Guitar: Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jazzmaster
DAW: Logic Pro X
Camera: iPhone 11
Editing: Final Cut Pro X

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