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Fell in love with a girl | white stripes cover

After doing my play along to Ceremony by New Order, in which I had to learn all the parts including the crazy consistent hi hat motion, I decided to fall back to a song that is just as good but a bit more simple in nature, as well as a song I already knew.

The one difference to this project is that I found a voice only version of the song so I was able to play the parts and mix in the voice of Jack White.

How it was recorded:

Like other play alongs, I set the guide track and played the drums to that. I then did the same with the guitar part. The only difference, as mentioned above, once that was done, I was able to remove the guide track all together and just turn on the voice track.

fell in love with a girl logic screen


Drums, as always, were recorded using my alesis strike pro module going directly into Logic via my Focusrite 18i20.

Like the ceremony cover I used the same pre-configured Gretsch kit that came from Drumtec.


I played the guitar through my spark amp. That seems to be the goto now for all the guitar covers I do. Its just so easy to find a tone from the tone cloud and not have to deal with tinkering with pedals. For this song, I was able to find a Jack White tone that sounded right on.


There is no bass for the white stripes!


DAW used is Logic Pro X
Video editing was done in Final Cut Pro