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Amy Winehouse Valerie cover

Originally recorded by The Zutons, English indie rock band from Liverpool, Valerie was re-recorded by Amy Winehouse in two disctinct versions. One with Mark Ronson which was more uptempo, and another slower version which was released on the Back to Black bonus disc.

This originially was going to be just a bass addition to a video I found of an acoustic version of just voice/guitar. It was going to be the same style I did my (Back to Black bass playalong). As I was working on this though, I realized the original video was a bit off in timing and it made it somewhat difficult to track along to. So I decided to learn the guitar part and isoltate the vocals from the original version of the song.

For the guitar part, I learned the basic chords and pattern just to fill the void. For the voice, I used an online tool called ( where I could upload the track and after a while it will split the track for you.

Once that was done, I realized it was still a bit bare, so I added the keys and the shaker bit. This was the first time using my Arturia Keylab Essential 88 .

equipment list:

Arturia Keylab Essential 88
(Amazon Canada:
(Amazon US:

Logic Pro X
Camera: iPhone 11
Camera 2: iPad mini gen 2
Editing: Final Cut Pro